Tutorial: Stamen for Sugar Peonies

There is a fantastic variety of pre-made stamen centers out there in the cake market. However, they can be quite expensive, especially if you have many flowers to make or if you have flowers that require a lot of stamen, such as peonies. Making your own stamen allows you to fully customize them to your flower and make as realistic or fantastical as you wish. Although the process of making gum paste stamen can be tedious, they’re also fairly easy to make and do come together rather quickly. These particular stamen work well with other open varieties of flowers too, such as wild roses and poppies.


12 – 32 or 33 gauge white floral wire, cut into 2 ¾- 3 inch pieces

Pale yellow gum paste 

Modeling tool

Sugar glue

Golden yellow petal dust

Paint brush, preferably one with frayed bristles

Small craft pliers

Step 1:

Roll a very small of gum paste (about 1mm) into a ball. Dip the very tip of a piece of floral wire into the sugar glue, making sure to wipe off any excess. You just need a minimal amount for the paste to stick to the wire.


Peony Stamen

Step 2:

Attach the gum paste ball onto the floral wire and roll the gum paste between your fingers to elongate and thin it. While the stamen need to be similar in size, length, etc, don’t stress too much about any variations or differences from stamen to stamen. Remember, flowers are perfectly imperfect and the imperfections make them more realistic.

Peony Stamen

Step 3:

Using a modeling tool, make a thin line down the center. Keeping the line along the top, using your pliers, bend the stamen forward slightly just under the gum paste.

Peony Stamen

Step 4:

Place stamen in a foam and let dry completely.

Peony Stamen

Step 5:

Using a golden yellow petal dust, dust the stamen. Don’t worry if you miss areas. The color variations give it more realism.

Peony stamen